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Are you wondering if launching content marketing for your law firm will result in a reduction in your consultations and clients? It would be an easy but erroneous conclusion.

Research proves that 35% of legal consumers start their search using online resources. Having a website in today’s world is not enough to get you placed in optimal search engine rankings. To harvest this rich revenue stream of business you need to have a strategy – a content marketing strategy.  

While websites with 2,000 words or more tend to do better in rankings, Google is much more discerning when it comes to the actual content. Once you have successfully directed traffic to your website you have 15 seconds, on average, to convince your website visitor to stay according to the NNGroup. Valuable content is king in today’s competitive online environment.

Valuable content is a result of a carefully thought out content marketing strategy. (See here for more on a content marketing strategy.)

Law firms may struggle with what approach to take when it comes to creating a blog or social media. Customers today buy into experiences, not just services. Law firms can easily position themselves as thought leaders and authoritative sources of information without sacrificing their revenues.

Here are some tips on how to get started with content marketing.

  • Don’t talk about the law, talk about how the law affects people.

While people will pay law firms to interpret the law specifically for their own circumstance, display thought leadership by showing how important or unusual court rulings can affect people’s day to day lives. Offer a sharp, shrewd insight instead of a sales pitch or a legal lesson. You will be exposing your ability to understand the nuances of individual circumstances as well as how the same law can be applied differently.

  • Embrace trending hot legal topics

Social media monitoring and listening services such as those Warbble provide will allow you to identify and discuss trending hot legal topics. These provide golden opportunities for law firms to stand out as being ‘current’ and firmly in the game when it comes to developments in the legal world. Whether you serve a legal niche or offer a wide array of legal services, this is a key tactic to developing your firm’s profile as an authoritative source.

  • Pepper your posts with light-hearted content.

While the law is a serious and complex topic, trying to help people understand it with a touch of humour or entertainment now and then shows you take your profession very seriously but have the confidence and talent to make it relatable to everyone. See here for more on the types of engaging content at your disposal. Images, videos, memes, infographics and more provide a wealth of options for you to choose from. If you feel you don’t have the time, Warbble’s Content Wall offers an amazing vault of content to choose from.

  • Be consistent with your content updates.

Your website, blog and social media content should be regular and consistent. A blog that hasn’t been attended to since 2014 is going to look stale and outdated which reflects on a client’s perception of your business. Engaging and regular content updates display reliability, commitment and relevance to clientele. If you are challenged for time, social media management companies like Warbble offer the ability to automate and innovate all at the same time.


Law firms, like any industry, need to develop online public profiles and harness the power of content marketing to expand and reach more clients. With a well rounded and detailed content marketing strategy you can ensure that your social media management, your content marketing and your actual content work together to deliver a massive boost to your online conversion rates and fast return on investment of your marketing budget.

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