Irish social media management start-up opens in SA, creates local team

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  • New local office opens its doors and employs local staff

  • Agency services offered alongside core software platform

Warbble, a dynamic challenger to the more established social media management platforms, is opening a South African office and growing a local team of digital media specialists.

In fact, the South African office will represent the hub from which the company plans to grow its operations across Europe, Middle East and Africa regions, drawing on the high-calibre talent that’s available in SA and offer international clients great value for money.

Warbble is the latest and most feature-rich service for managing an organisation’s digital presence, with an array of tools to create stand-out social media posts, ensure social media is an effective part of one’s broader marketing goals.

Its features help firms to create compelling content, share across social platforms, manage customer engagements and workflows within community management teams, draw real-time feeds of topical conversations, and provide rich insights into social media performance.

The launch of the South African office also coincides with the release of a new agency offering, Warbble Media, with global services to be headquartered in South Africa. Warbble Media gives local clients access to the very best in strategy, content creation and design services, to extend the value of the core social media management platform.

With Warbble’s Johannesburg office already employing four staff, headed by Country Lead and Global CMO Nick Jackson, the vision is to quickly expand this to at least 10 people within the next two years – across both technical and creative domains – to serve a growing base of international clients.

“As St Patrick’s Day approaches, what better time to announce the arrival of a fast-growing Irish startup that’s expanding into new markets,” says Jackson.

Warbble MD Emmett Gallagher adds that the company is particularly excited to land in South Africa: “It’s a country with great maturity and user adoption for social, mobile and digital media. And as we grow the local office, we’ll provide a platform for young creative professionals to tackle some exciting client work and gain valuable international experience.”

Warbble Media

In referring to the agency offering, Warbble Media, Jackson says that many local organisations see the potential for social media to drive greater brand value and capture new business opportunities.

“Our vision is to help local firms to truly find their social media voice, and quickly start applying effective social media strategies, that accentuates the power of the Warbble management platform,” adds Gallagher.

“But so many of those just aren’t sure where to start – and in the case of smaller enterprises, budget constraints prevent them from partnering with traditional agencies.”

Warbble Media extends the core social media platform – providing strategic business consulting and tactical execution for the likes of email newsletters, website landing pages, affiliate and display advertising, and other digital media channels.

The AI-driven future

In terms of the core product, Warbble has the advantage of still acting like a start-up, actively drawing insights from their community of users and adding customer requests to upcoming development sprints.

“This allows us to take feedback from clients, to continually refine the platform to suit their needs,” notes Jackson.

He points to the new smart social assistant that’s in-development, ‘SAM’, infused with the latest advances in artificial intelligence. SAM pulls in live content from the world of social media that relate to one’s industry or content themes, uncovering the latest conversations and hot-topics that are attracting audience interest.

“In this way, we prompt you to engage your audiences with the right content, and create the most relevant and attention-grabbing social media updates.”

The shift into AI-based services complements the existing Warbble platform toolset, which includes posting automatically across multiple social media channels, approving, scheduling and promoting posts all in one place, and access to a library of licensed images to use with built-in image editing tools to create professional-looking posts.

Its underpinned by social analytics and sentiment analysis engines, integrated into website analytics, to provide an end-to-end view of user behaviour – from the social media platform, and as they continue their journey through one’s website.



Warbble is an Irish-based provider of digital marketing and social media management software.  The company was founded in late-2016 and has a rapidly-growing customer base in 8 countries across the globe.

Warbble was accepted onto Enterprise Ireland’s ‘New Frontiers Programme’, and received backing from their Innovative HPSU Fund – which supports the preliminary and development costs of High Potential Startup companies.

Warbble is currently expanding into North America and has a South African office serving its European, Middle Eastern and African clients.

The social media management platform is ideal for businesses of all sizes, and for agencies as it can be white-labelled and embedded into their existing suite of services.

It empowers organisations to create professional social media content. Its features help businesses to post and promote across social platforms, manage customer engagements and workflows, draw real-time feeds of online conversations and provides rich insights into digital marketing performance.

The company’s agency service offering, Warbble Media, extends the core social media management toolset – giving clients access to the very best in strategy, content creation and design services.

The Warbble platform is available to users on a commitment-free, trial basis.